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It's raining and the ant's colony is getting flooded! Help the Queen get down stream to a safe new home. Save her subjects along the way and watch your ant boat grow in size and shape! View the world from the perspective of an ant in VR! Giant blades of grass, flowers, mushrooms, and other bugs will make you feel like a tiny creature with a big job to do! Now go save your queen!

For the Queen!

This is a third person VR game for the Samsung Gear VR that requires a gamepad to play. It was made as a prototype for the VR Jam 2016, hosted by Michael Calvert (https://rawrsoft.itch.io/) of Sketchfab.


Current Version: V6 Prototype

Jaye Moore: (unityvrdev@twitter/unityvrdev@gmail.com)

Programming/Art/Audio/Design/Story (iamtannenbaum@twitter)

Michael Tannenbaum


Install instructions

This game is built with Unity3D for the Samsung GearVR. Download APK file and add to your phone. Requires a gamepad.


ForTheQueenV6.zip 35 MB


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when i start the game it asks for the signature.